These tracks were recorded at home, and are in a demo form. They nevertheless represent a lot of work. Please be aware that because they haven’t been mastered, some levels are lower than others. They were never released, but You can still purchase and download them in the red link below each one.


There is something unique and very romantic in the lower, more humble forms of life. Take a Mousse for example, in a forest, it’s powerfully green, almost flourescent, contains tons of chlorophyl substance, retains extraordinary amounts of water, gives plenty oxygen, and when you approach your nose, it smells … like… everything! Everyone loves the idea of being a small being in a healthy untouched forest, humble as can be. This track, depending on your imagination represents that marvellous being.

“Mousse is a small flowerless green plant, that lacks true roots.”


Birth. This ia real seekeer. I recorded Drums in one shot, arranging the rest after, using Logic Pro. The Modern Jazz “off beat” non structured tune gives it a very unstable step.


This is a 80’s classic. composed in 2000.

Forgive the mix and the repeating verses. Things have changed since this demo was recorded, and, if I have the opportunity to do a final recording, these issues will be solved.

“It’s”, like she says, “the people that fuck with your heads, that end up killing your deduction instinct and sense of intuition. Run Girls and Boys! leave us your mental wreck for tomorrow’s unconsciousness, and all the kids about to grow adults with references of pornocratic desillusion, junkies of the new millenium, richer or poorer, all living under ether! There is no solution to today’s egotic pride, the so called “Business reward”, blind to the tie slavery, drinking coffe, stuck to the ambition wall that’ll save You, my son! But do You know that the seeds You are now sowing are bound to stay Loveless…”

Thank You for enjoying this.



When the Greenest country in the world had a real « democratic » society, driven by the people only, and managed to get rid of the debt based system economy, it was suddenly shunt. In 2011.
An out of proportion destruction was done.
The Jamahiryia. Libya.

Bankers & Politics

“When you see the disaster of Debt Based Economy and the delirium imposed by the IMF on countries, the patronizing, condescendant chain of interest given by central banks to companies and people, it is no wonder that these kind of songs emerge. You just don’t make money out of thin air! Here, Pigs are the Banks, and Chickens, the politicians. Please enjoy and stay out of debt ! Purchase and download for my mental health…”

A Mountain Piano (& Roland 707)


This is a « home made » demo, of one of the many songs I wrote in 2004. Computers made it possible to record everything. It was done using logic, no external plug-ins, and a Yamaha Motif rack es. Motu 828 sound card, and Rode NT1 Mic. Forgive the poor sound and no Mastering, but I though it had something fresh in it, and the message passing quite well, making it worth posting here. Enjoy.

« Slaves » are « Helpful » to the powers that be:

« Song for the exploited. A criticism on western society, social engineering, and maintaining slavery silently alive. »


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